Marketing Research

How?! How you’ll find the right information about your: – Target segment – Market trends – Customer interests – Competitors – Customer feedback – Customer needs – Markets’ current state ? After discussing the customer centricity topic in our previous article: we found that we have to select our target customer sharply and select the […]

The Customer Centricity

Let’s get back and ask ourselves very important questions! 1- Why do we target a specific segment not all segments?! 2- Should I deal with customers as they are always right?! To answer these questions we have to have tactics in our marketing strategy to make the best Product/market fit. Today we’ll talk about an […]

Deming cycle

“Something needs to change: Something’s wrong, and needs to be fixed, and you’ve worked hard to create a credible vision of where you want it to be in future. But are you 100% sure that you’re right? And are you absolutely certain that your solution will work perfectly, in every way?” started their article […]

Marketing plan

After discussing the difference between the 4Ps & the 4Cs in our previous article it’s the time to make our 1st Marketing plan! So if you need to know how to write a killer marketing plan … Lets go 😉 First of all, let’s take an overview on the plan main sections: 1- Executive summary […]

The 4Cs … the developed marketing mix

After defining the Marketing Mix in our 3rd article We found that the Marketing Mix & the 4Ps are focused only on the seller point of view neglecting the customer point of view, which made a gap between the seller & buyer. We “as marketeers” have to develop our Marketing Mix from the 4Ps to […]

Marketing Mix

In our previous article we discussed an important question: “How to deliver your product to the target customer ?”. And learned the STP and its steps to have a very good way to answer that question.

How to deliver your product to the target customer ?

After talking about marketing and its definition in our previous article And the importance of the value proposition of our Product/Service, we reached the stage of “How to deliver your product to the target customer ?”.

Marketing Introduction

Dr. Philip Kotler defines marketing as “the science and art of exploring, creating, and delivering value to satisfy the needs of a target market at a profit. Marketing identifies unfulfilled needs and desires.